Cable Management Bars and Trays

Don't leave your cables hanging


  • NC1UCROSSBAR-119-V (Heavy Duty Cable Management Bar)
  • NC1UCROSSBAR-120 (Cable Management Tray)
  • NCCROSSBAR-121 (Cable Management Bar)
  • NCCROSSBAR-121-QR (Tool-less Cable Management Bar)
  • NC137-1948 (Cable Management Arm)
  • NC137-1948 - with network switch



  • Fits any 2-Post or 4-Post rack
  • Works with standard square, round, or threaded hole racks
  • Meets EIA-310 Requirements
  • Secures all types of cables
  • Designed for static mounted equipment

Full Description

Cable Management Bars and Trays are used to secure cables for all types of equipment. Cable Management products are typically used with equipment on static or non-sliding rails, but they can also be used on equipment with slide rails as long as the cables are disconnected from the equipment before the equipment is slid out. Cabling management bars are available in several different types, depending on the amount of cabling to be secured. Heavy duty cabling crossbars are designed for UPSs that typically have large cables with no method to secure them. The smaller cable management bars work well with 1U and 2U servers. The cable management tray is available when large amounts of cables need to be secured.

Part Numbers

Part # Description
NCCROSSBAR-121 Cable Management Bar
NCCROSSBAR-121-QR Tool-less Cable Management Bar
NC1UCROSSBAR-119-V Heavy Duty Cable Management Bar
NC137-1948 Cable Management Arm
NC1UCROSSBAR-120 Cable Management Tray

Cable Management Bars and Trays - Technical Specifications

Subject Details
Rack Units 1U or less
Tech Notes Three methods to attach to your equipment:
1. Lanyard
2. Adhesive bracket
3. Equipment cables
Assembly Notes Phillips head screwdriver required (except for tool-less model).
Finish Zinc Plated or black powder coat