Cage Nuts, Nuts, Bolts and Screws

Server rack cage nuts, screws and general hardware.


  • NCCAGENUT-1032 (10-32 Cage Nut)
  • NCSCREW-1032-500 (10-32 Screw 1/2")
  • NCSCREW-1224-500 (12-24 Screw 1/2")


Cage nuts convert square holes to round

  • Compatible with industry standard 3/8" square hole racks
  • 12-24 threads are used with most racks
  • 10-32 threads are used with Dell equipment, audio racks
  • Available in 10-32, 12-24

Full Description

A cage nut is used on a rack that has square mounting holes. You would use a cage nut when you need to mount a product in your rack that requires a threaded hole.
There are 2 common sizes for cage nuts. These sizes are 10-32 and 12-24. The size you will require is determined by the product you are mounting. We recommend you purchase the corresponding screw to go with the cage nut. This makes the installation easier if you happen to select the wrong size cage nut.

Part Numbers

Part # Description
NCCAGENUT-1032-50PK Cage Nuts 10-32 (50 Pack)
NCCAGENUT-1224-50PK Cage Nuts 12-24 (50 pack)
NCSCREW-1032-500-50PK Screw 10-32 x 1/2" (50 Pack)
NCSCREW-1224-500-50PK Screw 12-24 x 1/2" (50 Pack)

Cage Nuts, Nuts, Bolts and Screws - Technical Specifications

Subject Details
Rack Units 4 Post 19" rack (cabinet racks and open frame racks)
Compatible with the industry standard 3/8" square hole racks.
Rack manufacturers including Dell, HP-Compaq, IBM, APC, etc.
Cage nut threads 12-24 (1224)
UNC #12
24 threads per inch

10-32 (1032)
UNC #10
32 threads per inch
Finish 12-24 threaded cage nuts have a black oxide finish
10-32 threaded cage nuts have a clear zinc, silver finish