Colocation Cabinet

Secure compartments for tenants in a Colocation facility.


  • 4-Bay Colocation Rack - REE44026048-NS-4C
  • 4-Bay Coloaction Rack Doors Closed
  • 2-Bay Colocation Rack - REE46026048-NS-2C
  • Colocation Rack Lock


Each compartment includes:

  • 4 compartment configuration - 11U of usable space per compartment
  • 2 compartment configuration - 23U of usable space per compartment
  • 29” mounting depth
  • 48" physical depth will easily accommodate modern equipment
  • 3 dial combination lock and key
  • Secure, isolated cable channel
  • Clearly marked rack units

Features & benefits

  • 4 compartment configuration 44U - total rack space
  • 2 compartment configuration 46U - total rack space
  • Reversible doors
  • Large 3”x 3” cable access ports on top and bottom of the cabinet
  • Compatible with overhead cabling and raised floor cabling systems
  • Robust steel frame
  • Tenants cannot remove compartment dividers
  • Ships fully assembled, freight only on an over-sized pallet. Loading dock or lift gate required for delivery.

Side panels are required for security

  • Black, powder coated option for racks at each end of a row
  • Side panels have to be purchased separately. The rack does not come with side panels.

Full Description

The Colocation Cabinet provides a secure, self-contained means for 2-4 tenants to share a single cabinet. This cabinet efficiently utilizes the floor space in the data center by minimizing the amount of unused space in the cabinets. The quality of manufacturing in this cabinet will instill confidence in the tenant that their physical infrastructure is protected from unauthorized access. The most distinctive feature of this cabinet is the secure cable channels (located in the back) within each compartment. The secure channels are compatible with overhead and under floor structured cabling products.

Side panels for the Colocation rack are required. The side panels come 4 sections to a side. When ordering your Colocation Cabinet, select 2 side panels for your rack. If ordering multiple racks, only 1 side panel is required between racks. Example: 2 racks bayed together require 3 side panels.

Part Numbers

Part # Description
REE46026048-NS-2C 2-compartment, no side panels, 46U x 26" x 48"
REE44026048-NS-4C 4-compartment, no side panels, 44U x 26" x 48"
SPA00026048 Side panels for Rack - Black, Powder Coated (1 side only)

Colocation Cabinet - Technical Specifications

Subject Details
Finish Durable, powder coat finish on front exterior
Durable, zinc plating on interior and rear exterior
Assembly Notes Ships fully assembled
Tech Notes Static load capacity - 3000 lbs
Dimensions: 89”H x 26”W x 48”D
Notes EIA 19” Rack
Square hole mounting posts
Multiple cage nut sizes fit in square holes
Reversible doors
Side panels are required