12U Portable Server Rack

Shock isolated with removable front and rear doors. Works with all major OEM equipment. Casters included.


  • 12U Portable Server Rack
  • Portable Rack with Accessories
  • Portable Server Rack with Equipment


Fits under most desks, tables

  • Adjustable depth from 19 - 29" (483 - 737 mm)
  • EIA square hole mounting surface
  • Standard casters included
  • Heavy duty casters, handles are optional
  • Front, rear covers are optional

12U rack for server, PC, NAS

  • Works with any 19" equipment
  • Compatible with all Dell, HP, IBM, Apple servers

Full Description

The NetClosure 12U Portable Server Rack is a rack mounting solution designed for users that need their racks mobile in order to handle the various demands associated with portability. As a result, the rack is built with 16 and 13 gauge, cold rolled steel and can be ordered with optional metal casters and handles.

The rack is compatible with Dell, HP, IBM and Apple servers and is capable of storing standard 19" devices. Its mounting depth is 19" to 29" and it boasts the ability to hold up to 540 pounds of equipment.

The 12U Portable Server Rack is also built with a number of special features to make it a versatile solution. Its top is strong enough for monitors, printers and other equipment and its sides contains louvers to improve cooling. It features a self-squaring design with ball bearings included.

Accessories include heavy-duty side handles and front/rear covers. The covers are designed with 63 percent perforation to meet the standards set forth by OEM manufacturers. All necessary tools and hardware is included and assembly will take approximately 20 minutes.

Part Numbers

Part # Description
NCRACK-117-12 12U Portable Server Rack
NCRACK-117-COVERS Front and Rear Covers
NCRACK-117-MOBILE-KIT Heavy Duty Casters and Lifting Handles
NC106-2378 Lifting Handles

12U Portable Server Rack - Technical Specifications

Subject Details
Rack Units 12U
Rack Mount Depth 19" - 29" (483 - 737 mm)
Adjustable in 1" increments (25 mm)
Weight Capacity 540 lbs (245 kgs)
Rack Outside Dimensions H x W x D
Standard caster, without covers: 25" x 21.5" x 31" (635 x 546 x 787 mm)
H x W x D
Mobile kit with covers: 26.55" x 22.21 x 40" (674 x 564 x 1016 mm)
Included Hardware (18) 10-32 screws
(18) 10-32 cage nuts
Hole Type 3/8" EIA square holes
Cable Management Tie points on the rear and bottom of the rack
Rack Post Shape L Shape
Rack Ventilation 63% perforation on covers
Louvered sides
Rack Doors Optional covers have a 63% perforation required by all OEM equipment manufacturers.
The non-hinged covers are easily secured with a thumbscrew. The covers can be secured with a padlock if additional security is required (padlock is not included).

NOTE: Padlock must have 3/16" diameter shackle with 1/2" horizontal clearance. Recommended product: MasterLock #105
Rack Sides Louvered, non-removable
Rack Casters Standard casters included
Optional, heavy duty casters
Handles Optional, lifting handles
Rack Construction 16 and 13 gauge, cold rolled steel
Finish Black, textured powder coat
Assembly Notes All required tools and hardware are included
Assembly time: approximately 20 minutes
Tech Notes Unit weight: 65 lbs