Sliding Computer Shelves - NC1USHL-112 & NC112-1534

Dell, HP and IBM compatible. Works in almost any 19" 4-Post rack or cabinet. Anti-slip mat and strap prevent equipment movement.


  • NC1USHL-112 Front
  • NC1USHL-112 With Server
  • NC1USHL-112 Locking Pin


Made for 4-Post racks

  • Fits square, round, threaded holes
  • Mounting depth range 11 - 30" (279 - 762 mm)

Sliding shelf for desktops, workstations

  • Dell, HP, IBM compatible
  • 45 lbs (21 kgs) capacity
  • Supports items up to 20" (508 mm) deep, 17.7" (450 mm) wide
  • Shelf extends 22.5" (572 mm)
  • (CMA) Cable management arm included (1USHL-112 only)
  • Secure PC with included anti-slip mat and strap

Full Description

The NetClosures Sliding Computer Shelf lets users install a desktop PC on a server rack with a sliding shelf for easy accessibility and storage.

The Sliding Computer Shelf is designed for compatibility with most standard 19" EIA standard server racks, making it an ideal solution for those trying to mount PCs close to servers, but needing an efficient, space-saving way to do so.

The 17.7" wide shelf stretches to a depth of 20" (508 mm), letting it support most desktop PCs with plenty of room for space. It also comes equipped with a non-slip mat and strap to keep the device in place while the shelf is slid for use. All of this meets with the shelf's 22.5" (572 mm) extension range to create a storage solution that can meet a diverse range of needs.

Part Numbers

Part # Description
NC1USHL-112 45lb capacity sliding shelf with CMA
NC112-1534 45lb capacity sliding shelf w/o CMA

Sliding Computer Shelves - NC1USHL-112 & NC112-1534 - Technical Specifications

Subject Details
Rack Type 4-Post
Weight Capacity 45 lbs (20 kgs)
Equipment Depth Maximum equipment depth 20.0"
Mounting Depth Range 30" (279 - 762 mm)
Overall Installation Depth 24" (610 mm)
Shelf Surface Area 17.75 x 16.375" (451 x 416 mm) L x W
Shelf Type Vented
Finish Black textured powder coat
Included Hardware 10-32 & 12-24 screws
Cage nuts are provided for square hole racks
Anti-slip mat and 72" strap
Locking pin with pull ring (3/16 x 11/16)
Hole Type Compatible with the industry standard 3/8" (10 mm) square hole racks
Compatible with all standard round (non-threaded) holes
Compatible with all standard threads including 10-32, 12-24 and metric M6
Assembly Notes Equipment is secured via an anti-slip mat and strap to prevent equipment movement
Tech Notes This shelf is designed to be installed with either side up.This kit uses a unique "universal racking system" designed to mount in all 2-Post rack types.Upright depths from 1" deep to 17" deep are supported