Sliding, Rack Mount Shelves - NC2USHL-130 & NC115-1529

This heavy duty sliding shelf for a server rack can hold up to 235 lbs (107kg).


  • NC2USHL-130 Front
  • NC2USHL-130 Top
  • NC115-1529 Slide


Fits any 4-Post rack or cabinet

  • Fits square, round, threaded holes
  • Mounting depth range: 19 - 31" (483 - 787 mm)
  • Surface area: 28" L x 17.6" W (711 x 447 mm)

Sliding shelf for heavy equipment

  • 235 lbs (107 kgs) capacity
  • Heavy duty, ball bearing slides
  • (CMA) cable management arm included with NC2USHL-130
  • Front and rear equipment stops
  • Supports items up to 28" (711 mm) deep, 17.6" (447 mm) wide
  • Shelf extends to 29" (737 mm)
  • Includes 2 anti-slip mats


  • Large, tower servers
  • Non-rack-mountable equipment

Full Description

The NetClosures Sliding Rack Mount Shelves are an ideal solution in environments where servers, computers and other equipment needs to be stored on a sturdy shelf that can be slid forward for easy access during operation.

The Sliding Rack Mount Shelves are compatible with square, threaded and round hole-based server racks and feature an extension reach of 29". The shelf itself is 28" deep, letting users safely store most computers and other equipment. The versatile solution is also durable, as it is built of rolled steel and capable of holding 235 lbs of hardware.

In terms of compatibility, the Sliding Rack Mount Shelves will fit on almost any standard EIA standard server racks.
For sliding shelves, the supplementary accessories are also critical and the NetClosures product has them all. The slide is fitted with ball bearings and stops to ensure stable and secure operations. It also boasts a built-in cable management arm (on NC2USHL-130) to help users professionally route wires regardless of what device they store on the shelf. Two anti-slip mats also come with any purchase to ensure equipment does not slide when the shelf is moved.

Part Numbers

Part # Description
NC2USHL-130 235lb capacity sliding shelf with CMA
NC115-1529 235lb capacity sliding shelf w/o CMA

Sliding, Rack Mount Shelves - NC2USHL-130 & NC115-1529 - Technical Specifications

Subject Details
Rack Type 4-Post
Rack Units Shelf uses 2U of space
3U is required when CMA is in use
Shelf height: 2.2" (1.25U) (56 mm)
Weight Capacity 235 lbs (106.5 kgs) for 4-Post mounting
Capacity is set by rail capacity
Tested to 400+ lbs (181.4 kgs) at full rail extension
Equipment Depth 28" maximum (31.75 mm)
Mounting Depth Range 19" - 31" deep (483 - 787 mm)
Overall Installation Depth 30.5" (775 mm) from front thumb screw to rear cable management arm
Shelf Surface Area 17.6" W x 28" L (447 x 711 mm)
Shelf depth: 28.125" (714 mm)
Shelf Type Vented
Cable Management Articulated cable management arm
Material Type 13 gauge, cold, rolled steel
Finish Black, textured powder coat
Included Hardware 10-32 & 12-24 screws
Cage nuts included for square hole racks
Hole Type Compatible with the industry standard 3/8" (10 mm) square hole racks
Compatible with all standard round (non-threaded) holes
Compatible with all standard threads including 10-32, 12-24 and metric M6
Assembly Notes Phillips head screwdriver required